A Custom-Fit For

A Custom-Fit For


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Custom Classic 3 Piece Bracket Set - FOR SALE        
8" tall middle bracket
5" tall side bracket
Dana Phillips - Creator of these Classic Windshield Brackets
A Custom-Fit For YOUR Boat.

                                                                                         ~ How this Works ~

~ I sell the 3 piece bracket sets, in their 'raw red brass' form, as shown above in the photo images for $350.  Once you receive the brackets, you drill the mounting holes and counter sink (or weld through hole thread) and mock up on your boat deck for glass installation.  You will need to have the brackets sanded to a 80-120 grit before they are plated.  Then you have the brackets chrome, nickle or brass plated and re-install onto your boat with the glass you made.

~ I also sell the 3 piece bracket set, fully sanded to 80-120 grit, ready for chrome for $500.

                                                                            ~ HOW CAN YOU MAKE PAYMENT? ~

                                                         1. Send me an email at
  [email protected]

~ I accept PayPal ~ I send you an invoice via PayPal for the price of the brackets + pack & shipping cost of $25 + 4% of total for PayPal fee's. I send this invoice using your email address with a description of the items cost.  You can use your credit card or checking account to pay through PayPal.  Once the payment clears, I ship the brackets to your address provided.  To avoid the 4% PayPal fees, I will accept a personal check mailed to me and after the check clears I will send the brackets.